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Grand View Smouha

Grand View Smouha is a modern full-service residential complex, developed by Alexandria Company for Investment and Urban Development that is affiliated with the Ministry of Business Sector.
Grand View Smouha has a unique location and distinctive view of the Smouha club and Al Jyad Club, in addition to being located on the 14 May axis, one of the main roads in Alexandria.
The project stretched over 21,000 (SM.), and it’s consists of 13 residential towers and 1,000 residential units of different sizes, starting from 132 to 307 meters, as the units vary between apartments and duplexes.
With a 5% down payment and different payment methods, starting from 6 years up to 8 years, without interest.

Grand View Smouh provides a wide range of services to guarantee you a comfortable and luxurious life such as:
– Grand View Plaza.
– Hypermarket.
– Restaurants and cafes.
– Spa and gym.
– swimming pools.
– Aquarium with an area of 140 m.
– Fountain with an area of 130m.
– 24-hour security and surveillance cameras.
– Covered garages on two floors for owners.

Grand View Smouha

In addition to the commercial strip of the Grand View Smouha that includes a variety of commercial spaces for various activities:
- Hypermarket with an area of (4760 m).
- Restaurants areas start from (193 m to 1815 m).
- Fashion stores and commercial units with (53 m to 382 m).
- Banks areas start from (290m to 480 m).
- Cafes areas start from (63 m to 545m).
- Beauty salons for men and women with areas ranging from (90 m to 170 m).
- A car showroom with an area of 200 meters.
- Mobile accessories stores and antique galleries.

The Shareholders

El Nasr Housing and Development
El Maadi For Reconstruction and Development
Metallurgical Industries Co.
Holding Co. For Tourism, Hotels & Cinema
El Maamora For Construction & Touristic Development

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